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England Deaf Futsal v Cambridge Futsal

Friday 8/7/22 8:20pm. Moulton College, Northampton

England Deaf Futsal vs Cambridge Futsal

Players Left to Right

Back Row: Paris-Rose Brixey, Vicky Neal

Front row: LuanaPereira, Fabiana Valimamade, Caroline Limas

Score: 5-8 loss

Match: 3x half of 25 mins

Cambridge travelled to Northampton to play England Deaf in a friendly match in preparation for their Euro’s tournament next year held in Italy.

Cambridge took a very early lead with a dynamic goal scored by Luana within the first 2 mins of play.

Unfortunately, Luana then sustained a heavy knock to her quad meaning she was unable to continue on the court. As there was no subs available, Luana bravely continued to play in goal for us and saved numerous shots throughout the game.

Due to England’s quality of players, their ability to play the ball, movement around the court and individual skill set it was decided that Cambridge’s best chance was to stay compact and defend, we allowed England to apply pressure and not pressing until they reached the half way line. Cambridge successfully defended for the entire match, tracking players across the court and ensuring that England had to pick their pass and deliver with pinpoint accuracy.

Cambridge took their chances on the counter attack providing excellent support runs on the wing as well as individual efforts and intercepted passes from the keeper. Goals came from Vicky (2), Paris (2) and Luana (1).

Going into the final third the score was 4-4. Unfortunately, England were able to take the edge and successfully finish the match with an 8-5 win, using their experience, substitutions and fitness to outplay us in the final 15 mins.

Cambridge fought hard and deserved the 5  goals we scored. We had excellent opportunity to practice our defensive formation and quick attacking support runs.

We wish England Futsal the best of luck in their preparation for the Euros and will be cheering the players on from Cambridge


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